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Free Marketing Ideas | BlogMarketingGuru.com

In reality, there is no better traffic than free. Right? But, how do you get the good free traffic? Good news for you. Here is our brand new 5 More Free Marketing Ideas to compliment our blog yesterday of Free Affiliate Marketing Ideas, which gives you three free ideas geared towards Affiliate Marketing, but can also be used for any online business, or brick and mortar business for that matter. Let’s get to it!

Article Contribution

Article contribution has been pointed out many times in tutorials and trainings throughout the years as being one of the best marketing materials available to Entrepreneurs. It is a great way to get your name out to your niche and to those you want to get to your site. With article contribution (quality article contribution) you show your potential readers/customers your knowledge in that area. It is true that it may take a few minutes more than writing, or paying someone, to write an advertisement that you just copy and paste somewhere, but, you are doing yourself more of a favor as, with strategically placed links, you can get backlinks to your site – which in turn helps with your overall SEO for search engines.


Speaking of SEO, optimized SEO can lead to greater rankings in search engines, potentially adding many more free clicks on your site. One of the biggest wins for good SEO is regular site content. Be interactive with your site and your [potential] readers, and it can pay dividends. This is just one more of 5 More Free Marketing Ideas. On to the next we go!

Joint Ventures

Get your name out there. There are few better ways than partnering with those already in your niche, or at least in line with it. Work with them to use their client base to get your product out there. Obviously, direct competitors may not be the most willing to work with you, but if you can work with those entities that have a client base that your product or services may compliment what they have, or what they are selling, is a big win. It’s a big win for all involved too. It helps above else the Customer in finding a solution to another problem. It helps the JV as they have provided, through you, another quality service or product. And it helps you as ultimately you now have access to their Customers. Joint Ventures can be a win/win/win proposition when done right. Ready for the next in the line of 5 More Free Marketing Ideas? Me too. Onward!

Be Social

Social Networks are the up and coming of the internet age. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are two of the most traversed and used websites on the planet. With each day of more and more people becoming all but dependent on electronics and the internet, it is not likely that they are going away anytime soon, either. Other social sites such as YouTube are great outlets as well. YouTube will allow you to post free training videos, or videos related to your product or service, for free. You can then direct your potential customers to your site via a link in the description or elsewhere. Facebook and Twitter can easily have posts directed to your site.  For more specifically social networks, check this out.


Yes. Blogging. Exactly what you are reading here. This is one of the easiest and best ways to interact with your base, but also increase SEO and search engine rankings. Keeping your content up to date and fresh does wonders for both rankings and traffic. Keep your readers engaged and they just might send more traffic your way. Especially if you are offering a solution to a problem that they know that their friends and or family have. Keep it fresh and keep it real.

In Conclusion

The above are just 5 More Free Marketing Ideas for your business. They are not all inclusive, especially with the vast expanse of the internet. But it is a start to getting your product or service(s) seen by the people that are out there looking for the solution(s) that you can provide for them. Regardless of your business, service or product, remember that if you have had the problem, or can even think of it, chances are someone else has too and either needs, or has had a need, for a solution.

Regardless of the service or product, always remember that ultimately what you are advertising is the solution to their problem, not the product that you are selling.



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