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Make Money Blogging | BlogMarketingGuru              With this post, I want to give you the basic, but important, steps to making money blogging. But, more than just listing the steps, and leaving you to it, I wanted to give a review of each step in an effort to better help you with your making money by blogging. But, if you haven’t already, check out our Free Affiliate Marketing Ideas, 5 More Free Marketing Ideas and Marketing Your Blog With Social Media to get some tips on promoting your blog.

Before, though, you can make money blogging, you need to have a blog itself – with this article, I am assuming that you have one already. If not, no worries. Head over to get your FREE Ebook that will guide you getting a setup for under $20 bucks per year. Just enter your email and you will get the download immediately. For a comprehensive walkthrough of setting up a blog so that you can begin making money blogging, head over and grab my course on setting up a website in just one day. No technical no how needed. If you get stuck, just send me an email at the contact address on our contact page.

Getting Started making money blogging

Well, obviously creating  a blog is the first step in all of this. You will not make money blogging if you do not have a blog in the first place. Although you can blog on free platforms such as Blogger and Tumblr, in my view, it is best to have your own domain and hosting if you want to make serious money blogging. You can take a look at my Free EBook if you are on a budget, as I walk through getting a domain and hosting in under 20 dollars per year. Yes, you heard that right. My course will give you everything to get your blog up.

Creating a blog is not that long or involved of a process. With today’s tools, you don’t have to have a degree in Computer Science either. Most platforms are a simple drag and drop type of structure that helps get your site up in a short amount of time. You really can start a post in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks as yester-year.

As I explain in my E-Book it does not cost near as much money as it once did. Too many times a would be blogger decides to not start their blogging career that fear, but the good news is times have changed, for the better! If done right, the blogs money will easily cover the costs of hosting your site.

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Writing – The Second step to making money blogging

What good is having a blog if there is no content? No matter how much traffic you get, if you have no content, you will not be able to make money blogging. But then, if there is no content, it’s not really blogging anyway …

But there is a caveat to writing if you want to make money blogging, and that is to keep it relevant and useful to your readers. What exactly you write will depend on your specific blog, but no matter what you write about, always give your writing quality. Create posts that will better your reader in some way. Solve a problem for them that they are having in their life. This is the quickest way to them trusting you as a blogger, and will help retention and keep them coming back, subscribing to your lists, etc. Quality content is one of the biggest factors in making money blogging.

Along with quality content is frequency. Not necessarily every day writing, but certainly frequent. Regular visitors never like stagnation. Keep it updated.

Be confident in your posts, and don’t be afraid of writing. Too many people fear writing for fear of being judged. However, studies show that far less people judge than we allow ourselves to believe. Odds are,  the people that are looking for your blog are looking for it for a reason. Give them what they want. Your opinion. Your experience. Your knowledge.

Getting your information, your perspective, your expertise, on the subject matter is why your visitors visit your site but also why search engines rank your site. The more details and relevant quality content you produce the more the search engines will like your blog. But also the more sites and blogging bloggers will want to link to your site. A lot, if not most, of the money bloggers make are from visitors coming to read the information that will help them in their life.

Getting Visitors – the next step to make money with blogging

The next step in making money blogging is actually getting visitors to your blog. There are a lot of articles on getting traffic. The best way that I have found is to get your blog listed on the major search engines. Not just listed, but listed on page 1 of a given search. There are other avenues as well to getting visitors (or in some circles Traffic or Readers, none of which is wrong), but I have found someone searching a keyword that your blog content matches visiting your site is just about as targeted as it get – if that is you are using quality keywords that actually relate to what you are blogging about. Using keywords that have nothing to do with your content is a quick way to get penalized by the major search engines.

There is  the medium of Social sites (like Facebook and Twitter) and good old fashioned word-of-mouth, fliers, etc. Speak to friends and people that you know have a problem that you can solve. Instead of solving on the spot though, give them a card with your website and invite them to visit. Have them spread the word too.

There are the obvious paid advertisements, but there are a lot of us that are on budgets, that simply cannot afford a paid advertising  campaign, especially when first starting out. Am I correct? If that is the case with you, use the free platforms – especially Social Media. If you can get 1 person to click a link, well, it worked.

YouTube is another good platform and, and with enough views, I believe YouTube will actually pay you. With posting videos, you also add a human element to your site. People know you are real and not just a fly by nighter. Just make sure to add your website link in the description, and at the end of your video, invite them to visit your blog. You can even advertise site specific podcasts that they can view if you offer them.

And of course there is email. But, I believe you should be a little more reserved in email. Yes you should have a list, and yes you should email it and regularly. However, you must also realize the amount of email that the average person receives a day (The Radicati Group, Inc produced a study that in 2015 there were over 205 billion emails sent worldwide. By 2019, they expect that number to rise to over 246 billion. (PDF FILE.)) and make certain that you are not over emailing. I personally believe that an email a day is too many.

Another avenue is forums. Anywhere that you can add your site to the signature line and converse with others isn’t bad. However, understand that does take more time on top of the time that you need to spend on getting your blog visitor friendly. But it certainly adds another human touch to yourself, and shows that you are a real person, which in turn will help get visitors to your blog, which then in turn helps make money with your blog.

As they say though, no matter the visitor generation efforts you choose to use, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Spread them out if you wish, but definitely generate good quality, keyword rich (but not overused or out of context) content.

If you need more information on marketing, take a look at my blog post about Marketing Your Blog With Social Media where I go into detail about marketing your blog using social media platforms.

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Getting visitors engaged – keep them coming back to your blog

Writing helpful articles, ones that solves your audience’s problems and getting visitors is just part of a loyal following. The next step is getting them engaged in your site. Engaged visitors are more likely to come back, and more likely to keep earning you money with blogging.

An easy option for engaging them is to take the time to add a personal reply to their comments on your blog. Showing them that you care about their feedback, and actually requesting more of it, will make them feel they have a part in your content, and helps contour your blog to be the most useful to them – thus maximizing the money making opportunity.

When visitors sign up for your newsletter, email them. As I mentioned in the previous step, you can overdo this, so be careful but email often enough, and with quality content, that makes them want to come back to your blog for a visit. Free items are always good, but be careful not to sound like just another pitch salesman. At very least, I think you should email your list when you post a new blog post. It does not need to be extravagant, just a short, to the point, quick note asking them to check out the post, but more importantly to get their feedback on the blog post.

The root of keeping visitors engaged and coming back is quality blog content. And if you look after your visitors you will set yourself apart from the “fly-by-nighters” and keep them coming back to your blog, but loyal visitors often recommend others that are looking for the same content. With all of the social networking sites that people are now members of, that can be monumental for your blog.

Monetize it – now’s the time to make money with your blog

The first four steps are crucial foundational steps to get your blog visitor friendly and content rich. I argue you cannot make money blogging if you haven’t got a solid foundation to work with. Making money blogging is a business, and no business can succeed without a proper foundation.

And no business succeeds overnight. Making money blogging is no different. Anyone that says differently is trying to sell you something to-good-to-be-true.

That is an important thing to remember.

The previous steps can be time intensive. If you have a full time J.O.B. (I heard an acronym for job years ago that I think of to this day … Just Over Broke) it can be even harder to try and find the time to complete the steps. It may even seem overwhelming. I do not know how many times I would not get to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning, just to be up at 5 or 6 to get to my full time JOB. But, the ultimate goal is worth it. Always keep in site the ultimate goal, and motivate yourself with why you are doing it.

With the foundation in place, you can begin working on the monetization of it. However, it is important to remember that it is not a set it and forget it thing, and it’s not just going to automatically start a cash  flow. Making money with your blog requires experimentation and continued work. In the end, it is a business, but what sets blogging apart is that it should be a business that you have a passion for, which makes the “work” something enjoyable, rather than something you hate just to get a paycheck.

Often people buy (spend money) ad which is contradictory to making money with your site. Yes, ads can be lucrative, but you must do the research to verify that you are not wasting your money on an ad.

Ultimately, if you can swing getting a blog ad for free, or at least low cost, can pay dividends. Even if you get a cheap or free blog ad on a lower rated site (be mindful, I do not mean a spammy or blacklisted site) as long as it is done correctly, it can get you more visitors, and higher rankings in the Search Engines as it creates backlinks.

A bloggers money comes most often from the traffic generated by the search engines and regular visitors. So both are equally important tools.

Many Ways to Make Money Blogging

Now that you have the foundation of your site, and the goals of getting and retaining visitors, you may be asking yourself exactly what you can do to get a revenue with those visitors. There are many ways to earn money with your blog and you should use multiple sources to do so. The list below is not all inclusive, but will help you get started with ideas.

Bloggers money comes from a diverse range of resources. Think of your blog as the marketing tool for your business. You want visitors to get value from your blog (marketing material) so that they will trust you, but also so that they are willing to pay for what it is you are selling – whether that’s an e-book, services or physical products.

1. AdSense by Google

AdSense by Google is probably one of the easiest ways to generate an income with your blog, and the least effort to implement. And with the WordPress plugin created by Google, it has never been easier to implement with a blog built on WordPress.

2. Advertising

I chose to add this separately, because even though AdSense by Google is an advertising platform, you can add Google Ads to your blog to make money at any age and rank of your blog. With Advertising, I am speaking more of working directly with companies to advertise on your site. Most companies will only consider this, especially depending on the fees, if you can prove a certain visitor volume. But, them more quality blog content, and the more quality visitors you receive to your blog, then the easier it will be to get companies to directly advertise on your blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is what a majority people think of when they think of making money online or with their blog. This is certainly one good way to make money with your blog, but it certainly is not your only choice.  The more credible you are to your visitors (using the above foundational approach to your blog) then the more money you can make with your blog using affiliate products. Some companies that offer affiliate programs are Amazon, JVZoo, and many many more. If you are unsure if a company has one, visit their website and they should have an affiliate link. Most major companies now do.

4. Webinars or other events

Have paid speaking webinars or other blog conferences. This however many times is not free for the blogger, so if you are just starting out, this may not be an option for you. But, it’s something to contemplate down the road to get bloggers together and share insight on their blogs.

5. Membership sites and other recurring incomes

Membership blogs are a good way to earn a monthly income with your blog. It usually costs nothing extra for you, but you can offer additional content to visitors that are paying members. Just remember you have to keep the member only information top quality to keep your members. Coaching and other do-for-them services is something good to add to member only areas of a blog.

6. Physical or digital products

Selling physical or digital products may be a little more time consuming, if you make them. For instance, an e-book in your niche that you write, and then sell to your visitors. Use your skills to help someone else, and make money in the process. Blogs make an excellent platform for this as you can combine free posts and refer to your e-book for more information.

Make It More Than One

Regardless of the income ideas you choose, choose more than one. Most bloggers diversify by having multiple streams of income. This helps prevent having everything riding on one stream that if fails, stops your income altogether. You don’t have to add all streams at once, but do have a plan to get more and more streams for your blog, and not only will you be able to make more money blogging, you will find if one stream dries up, you will have others while you replace it.

Check out our next article, Make Money Online, for more tips on making money online!


I hope that you have found this article useful. Please leave your comments below, and sign up for our newsletter.

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