Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |

Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |
Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |

For that reason, focus should be made to maximize your time on social media. However, many blog owners find that marketing their blog with social media is more challenging than they would expect.

In this article we will show you some tips that will get you the most out of marketing your blog with social media.

Find the best sites for Marketing your blog with social media

The first step for marketing your blog with social media is to select the social media sites that you will use for your marketing. Some blog owners believe that the more social profiles they have the better – however, this is not always a good approach. I believe it is best to have a few, and focus primarily on those sites. Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |

To decide on the social media sites to use to market your blog, you must first identify the readers that you have, or wish to have. Who is your content geared towards? Some sites like Facebook and Twitter can be used for pretty much any reader, where others may be more focused.

Next up, you should determine the best traffic sources. Some of the largest social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Regardless of the platform(s) you choose, make certain that the reader type you are targeting are active users. If they are not active, they won’t get you traffic!

Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |

Marketing your blog with social media using automation

There are three basic ways to market your blog with social media – manual, automated and hybrid of both.

I prefer to use a mixture of both manual and automated to market my blog on social media, however, I recommend always using automated to post a link to your blog post on your social media site when you publish your post initially. This takes the work out of making sure that you update your social media readers whenever you publish your work.

Fortunately WordPress makes marketing your blog on social media much easier with Jetpack as it has a sharing function that will post your blog post automatically on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google+. Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |

Simply install Jetpack by adding the Jetpack plugin, and then go to Settings > Sharing from the left hand toolbar in your WordPress admin area. It also allows you to add sharing buttons to your blog posts so that others can share – ultimately a huge benefit when marketing your blog on social media.

You can and should also add manual content to your social media platforms. This helps ensure to your readers that you are a real person. If you have some tips that may be too short for a full blog post, for instance, you can post it on social media to further market your blog. This also gives your readers more value from your social media posts.

Another way to use automation to market your blog with social media is with 3rd party plugins such as Buffer. With a free account in Buffer, you can share to a few social media platforms where the paid version offers more sharing options. If you are primarily using Twitter and/or Facebook, the free version should do you well. With Buffer you can schedule times to post content, keeping your social sites up to date even if you are not available. That makes it another valuable to when marketing your blog with social media.

Something else to consider with marketing your blog with social media is using WordPress’ built in scheduler to write blog posts in advance, and have it publish to your blog, and to your social platform(s) at the same time, at a time in the future of your choosing. So you can continue to offer your readers quality content, regularly, even if you are away.

Marketing your blog with social media using old posts

Even if you have created previous posts that you have not posted on social media to Marketing Your Blog with Social Media |, or if you have but want to revamp your efforts, you can easily change the title of old blog posts and rebrand it to your readers via your social media platform or platforms.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you can easily change previous blog post titles by logging into your dashboard and selecting Posts from the left navigation and the All Posts from the flyout menu.

There you can edit the old post and give it a new title. Or, you can simply re-publish it to social media.

In some cases, you may have a post that you can add new information to – such as links to new blogs that are related to the old blog post. You can do that by editing the old post in the same area as described above. Just because you have older posts does not mean that they necessarily are archaic.

As mentioned above, Buffer will post your posts on a certain schedule, so you can also use it to re-post older blog posts to your social medial platforms.

You can also use plugins with WordPress that will automatically retweet old blog posts, getting potentially new readers to your blog, offering another great marketing idea for your blog using social media.

Marketing your blog using social media by sharing buttons

Sharing posts as you post them, and re-posting at certain intervals can only get you so many readers’ visits – those that are subscribed to your social media circles. However, adding share buttons for those readers to be able to share to their followers increases the likelihood of increased traffic and potential new loyal readers to your blog. Marketing your blog with social media |

That being said, it is crucial that your posts have sharing buttons for your readers. The good news is, these can also be enabled via the Jetpack Sharing – just scroll down below the Publicize section and you will see the Sharing section. Just select the options that you would like to be available for sharing, and save the settings. That’s it.

When adding buttons, studies do suggest that the fewer the sharing buttons, the more likely someone is to actually share. Whereas if there are too many, they tend to not share at all. Just keep that in mind for marketing your blog using social media by using sharing buttons – it can be overdone on the amount of buttons on a page – but every page should have at least some. Each reader that shares to a follower of theirs is another potential reader that you otherwise may not have reached at all.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post, and have gained a better of understanding the tools and benefits of marketing your blog using social media.

If you would like to know more about ways that you can make money blogging, take a look at my How To Make Money Blogging post.

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